PHP Development

PHP Development is typically synonymous with web development. Often times, PHP (Originally Personal Home Page, but now PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is used as the server-side scripting language to develop websites, eCommerce solutions and web-based business applications. PHP is a light-weight, typically open-source scripting language that is very well supported and used online. The language has been widely adopted and connects with a variety of relational databases, such as: MySQL, PostgreSQL and many others. Along other open-source services, Linux and Apache – the LAMP stack development environment provides a flexible and agile platform to build PHP development project.

PHP Developers was created to offer enterprise level PHP Developers to companies seeking to build PHP-based projects for the internet. Our team has been developing websites, eCommerce solutions, business applications and back-end platforms for more than a decade. We focus on going the extra mile on your project, this includes: complimentary review of your project, affordable rates, solid project management, proven U.S. based PHP developers, comprehensive testing and deployment. Our PHP developers focus on creating software that will be functional and provide more than just the basics for your project. Our experience helps to shape your ideas and concepts, to ensure project efficiency and long-term growth for your application or website.

PHP Frameworks

PHP frameworks help developers rapidly deploy certain base features that are found in web-based solutions. Frameworks provide a set of instructions, code and some core rules that help provide a solid construct for your project. Mostly, our PHP developers work within Symfony – a very popular, proven and stable PHP Framework. However, our teams capabilities are broad and can support a variety of other PHP frameworks based on your project needs and requirements. The first step is to review your project and determine the best solutions available on the market for your specific needs. Each framework has different advantages, once aligned with your goals, the project workflow and the processes – it is easy to determine the best framework for your project.

PHP Web Development

Web Development is the development of your website based on some type of “scripting”. Typically, the design is created and the next step is to make the design work for the internet. There are many options available – PHP Development is just one of them. Even then, there are a few directions that you can take with PHP web development. The front-end coding side implements HTML 5 and CSS 3, the latest for front-end development. This is usually mixed with Javascript and other elements like JQuery to add interactivity and additional functionality for your website pages. PHP is leveraged to connect databases or for more advanced user interaction that requires server level or database level interaction. Our job is to review your project and goals to determine the best approach and method to build your project. Our PHP developer’s experience will help ensure that your project is built with the best tools and methods for your specific needs and future growth requirements – seen or unforeseen.

PHP Applications

PHP Applications have been something our company has been building since the early days when PHP became a viable server-side scripting language. These applications included: warehouse management system, inventory system, profiling systems, data collection/analytics and reporting, sales tracking, traffic analysis and many more. Our expertise in business application development stems from our years of application in business process and automation. The primary goal of each web-based application is to ensure that the resulting system adds value to the company and becomes a tool to improve process, provide accountability or help track growth potential. Every project must add value to the business, this focus helps ensure that the end result and the PHP application integrates into your company and provides value.

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