Your company’s website is as unique as your business operations. That’s why your web development plan should be customized to meet your needs. One size fits all simply doesn’t work when it comes to PHP development. The key to getting an outstanding website is making sure that the company you choose to do the job fully understands your industry and what you want to get out of your website. At PHP Development, we specialize in listening to you so you get the website you want, not the one we want. Here is how you can get the most out of your web development deal.”,

Site Definition and Planning

This initial stage is one of the most crucial when producing a website as this is where you define goals and objectives. Additionally, you should define the scope of site content as well as the interactive functionality and technology that you require. Your PHP developers should be an integral part of your planning team so everyone is on the same page from the beginning.

Information Architecture

At this stage, make sure your PHP developers know exactly what content they should keep and what new content is needed in order to define the site’s organizational structure. When this has been determined, ask your web development team to build prototype of parts of the site to determine whether the structure meets your needs. If necessary, you can easily change it at this point. Prototypes may also be used to test the site with users.

Typical results that you can expect include detailed design specifications, details on site content, site maps, outlines, tables of contents, choices for graphic design, and specification for browser technology, connection speed and web server and server resources. Make sure your provider has a schedule for implementing site design and overall construction.

Site Design

Do you like the look and feel of your site? Does the grid, the page design and overall graphic design fit your company? If so, you can move onto photography and audiovisual content that you may want on your site. If not, tweak it with your PHP developers. You’ll also want to make sure that you keep on top of your website’ text content at this stage. As programming database entry and design and search engine design should be well conceived by this point, you should ensure with your PHP team that contents and functional programming are in place for final production.

Working with your PHP developers every step of the way ensures that you will get what you want out of your contract. At PHP Development, we’re committed to working with you to bring about the best possible result.