It is no surprise that as the world economy globalizes, so does outsourcing to foreign countries. The concept of outsourcing when we began our business was to outsource a certain aspect of your business to another local firm that could better support the task or service required. The concept has changed radically and brought a variety of advantages and disadvantages.

Outsourcing PHP Development


  1. The cost is lower. Many foreign countries do not have the cost-of-living that you experience in the United States, this economic factor allows for a lower-cost in the hourly rate.
  2. Larger outsourcing companies can also be supported. Because the hourly rate is lower, it is much easier to support a larger staff with a variety of programmer experiences.


  1. The lower-cost typically is associated with the level of programming. Paying less per hour does not mean a lower-cost overall, it just means that they experience is less than. Highly experienced U.S. based PHP developers can often produce higher quality work in shorter amounts of time.
  2. There is a cultural challenge. This is something that impacts many factors of your project: time, language barriers, lack of business acumen.
  3. Incomplete projects – we speak specifically to personal experiences in many cases when it comes to projects that started as outsourced. Often, projects are incomplete – hacked together and difficult to comprehend – no documentation. In 100% of the cases, we must start from scratch.
  4. Lost money and loose contracts. If you outsource and spend any money – it is gone. This fact should be something you consider – regardless if they have a “project manager” located in the U.S.
  5. Coding is bad. Coders, sorry, GOOD coders can easily open the code of another GOOD coder and get a very clear picture of how the programming works, what is does and how to modify it. This again is personal experience – but 100% of the time, the coding is just bad when it comes from overseas. In one case – the coding notes were documented in 3 different languages! At least it was documented.

We could go on and on with the disadvantages, and it is important to state that we know people that have had successful launches with a variety of website or PHP applications – we are speaking to the majority of cases we come across. It is important that you are armed with some of the challenges that many companies come across in the early phases of development. Working with a professional PHP development firm will help ensure that your entire project is considered, not just the minimum requirements to get the next payment.

If you are looking to learn more about the advantages of hiring a U.S. based PHP developer, please contact us and we would love to review your project or idea with you. There is no cost to chat!

If you find yourself already working with a firm overseas and were lured by a lower-cost solution, I would love to hear about your experience. I do feel that there may be firms that can successfully develop projects – I have yet to find one in the 18 years I have been working online.

U.S. Based PHP Developers

Why you should hire our team of PHP developers:

  1. Located in the United States.
  2. Project based pricing – this helps ensure that you know the cost.
  3. Proven. Our team is proven and have clientele that will share their experience.
  4. Idea oriented – we love what we do and will help refine your ideas and goals with our experience to provide an amazing final product.
  5. Enterprise level developers – we code for large companies and have built a variety of solutions for various industries.
  6. Relational – we love to connect with our clients! We believe that your success is what helps build ours.
  7. Effective, our team can accomplish more in one-day than most others. Don’t look at the hourly rate – look for experience.

We would love to have the opportunity to connect with you to review your project or idea. If you would like to have our team evaluate your project or perhaps you are considering pulling a project from a firm that hasn’t been able to get the project completed. We have the experience to get you back on track and help find the best solution for your company.

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